happy birthday, september babies!

i’m pretty certain this month marks the end of summer.

glad we’re taking every advantage of the lovely weather, running like crazy natives through the woods with reckless abandon.

but don’t get us wrong, we’re pretty excited for fall. pumpkin patches, hot cocoa, sweater dresses and leaf fights, here we come!

until then, we wish you all a “berry” happy birthday!
september babies

“N” is for naughty!

well. i guess if mommy condones it it isn’t completely “bad”, right? oh, i ain’t gonna lie. i was cackling. waiting for some concerned parent driving by to reprimand me. but it’s just silly string, folks. i’ll leave the spray paint alone for another project!

naught2” “N” is for naughty was a nice kind of trouble!

the letter “N” is now complete, no question about it!


“K” is for (piano) keys!

ayna and mozart are best friends. it will be no wonder if she does favor his style when it comes to the classics. look at that face of sheer concentration, those fingers ready to compose something extraordinary, and that pair of chubby legs itching to reach the pedals!  i mean, come on, she listens to him show off every naptime! time to debut a few of her own masterpieces!

“”K” is for (piano) keys” was renown music to my ears!

“L” is for laundry!

i would like to personally thank the gracious folks at spin city laundry! this is for you, diana, lupe, and mr. owner (i didn’t catch your name, sir, sorry!) we were thrilled to play here. it was clean, comfortable and friendly. THANK YOU, guys, again! can we come back?? 🙂

” “L” is for laundry” was a chore we actually loved!

puffer fish and roo mouse do it again!

volume 2 of the little ladies’ letterbook is now complete! it has been a blast doing these. even now, i look at the photos and melt. how much more 10 years down the road??

IMG_1449 copy

To view their adventures, click the following link:

“F” is for funny!

there is no way these silly gooses (geese?) can say their dad and i never gave them ample time for laughter. if they grow up to be dry, boring, and mundane citizens, i will be completely shocked. we’re a family unafraid to throw our heads back, cackle, and enjoy being utterly ridiculous.

“”F” is for funny” hit us all right to the bone!