greetings brazil!

i giggle as i type this. just wanted to say hello to my foreign friend. i’m sorry i don’t know your name, but i wanted to say thanks for breaking my record views in one day. wow. i hope you are enjoying the anderson adventures!! šŸ™‚

what’s the weather like down there? here? well, chilly. ara can confirm that.


anyhow, don’t be shy. leave us a message. i don’t knowĀ PortugueseĀ but would love to learn a few phrases. and my husband admires your fighters! hope to hear from you! šŸ™‚

“P” is for (super-hero) power!

In the famous words of Bonnie Tyler:

I need a hero
Iā€™m holding out for a hero ā€˜til the end of the night
Heā€™s gotta be strong
And heā€™s gotta be fast
And heā€™s gotta be fresh from the fight
I need a hero
Iā€™m holding out for a hero ā€˜til the morning light
Heā€™s gotta be sure
And itā€™s gotta be soon
And heā€™s gotta be larger than life…




“”P” is for (super-hero) power” can come in small packages!!!

“P” is for precious!

after their daddy-daughter date, full of wildness, they were wiped out. boisterous bowling, maniac mini golf, scrumptious sweets, and whatever secret fun (unspoken under oath) they had, i suspect the exhaustion took them both off guard. i came in after putting ayna to bed and found the duo like this. i grinned. and looked, right on my desk was my camera. suckers!



technically not my favorite lighting, or even edits, but you can’t always replicate moments like these!! they still have no idea i had an itty-bitty shoot as they snored away!

“”P” is for precious” was priceless!


“O” is for old!

yes, that’s how i feel every once in a while, particularly when my wee one is zooming here and there in wicked speeds! mind you, still on all fours. but i’ve caught her stand a few seconds on her own with a devilish grin on her chubby face. Ā her eyes brighten when i watch her maneuver around the furniture like a pro. the older she gets, the more i think about having another one, but that’s another post altogether!

IMG_3885 copy

“”O” is for old” gives meĀ no choice but be young at heart just to keep up with her!