“P” is for poultry!

disclaimer: okay, looks like i did it again! how could i have missed this session for the letterbooks?! this was originally for “”E” is for egg”, but kinda  had to tweak it to fit into volume 4.

well, let me tell you, i’m hoping to be much more organized in 2013!

nevertheless, we were “egg-cited” to debut one of auntie andrea’s favorite costumes!

mama ain’t chicken to try something new! not sure about ayna, but i was “cluckin” away!

“”P” is for poultry” was fun for mother hen and her chicks…wonder what we’ll “hatch” up next!

“M” is for mocha (kid-version)!

okay, okay, i’m cheating. i know i already did these shots for the letter “H” (HOT chocolate), but i forgot and already published that specific volume. i don’t know how, but i did. agh!

but no worries. (another one of my resolutions *wink*)

determined to figure out a way to squeeze this session into the letterbook because there’s nothing like a warm mug of cocoa (or in this case, “mocha”) on a crispy afternoon! i came up with this. go ahead, laugh at my silliness. but these ARE making the cut. woot!

“”M” is for mocha (kid-version)” was an afternoon that warmed mommy’s heart!

“J” is for junk!

i’m always on the look-out for unique spots for our adventures. but who would’ve known a little junkyard (without the rottweilers) would hold priceless shots? it was a hit even for ara. seriously, she showed off. let me explain.

her and our family car are buddies. and yes, she named our suv. “he” is lovingly called range. so while she explored broken-down trucks and forsaken tires, ara grinned for our car as she imagined “him” rooting her on. LOL.

“”J” is for junk” was, in fact, a treasure for us!

“J” is for jammin’!

well, we were having a little music free-for-all UNTIL ara tripped and landed into a thorn bush. yikes. then it got emotional. could’ve stopped, but then i thought, how appropriate! every musician has a bit of drama! this heartless mom kept snapping away…it will make for good conversation later! don’t you agree?? 🙂


“J” is for jammin'” rocked our world…well, until those blasted thorns!

“L” is for laundry!

i would like to personally thank the gracious folks at spin city laundry! this is for you, diana, lupe, and mr. owner (i didn’t catch your name, sir, sorry!) we were thrilled to play here. it was clean, comfortable and friendly. THANK YOU, guys, again! can we come back?? 🙂

” “L” is for laundry” was a chore we actually loved!

puffer fish and roo mouse do it again!

volume 2 of the little ladies’ letterbook is now complete! it has been a blast doing these. even now, i look at the photos and melt. how much more 10 years down the road??

IMG_1449 copy

To view their adventures, click the following link: