“O” is for old!

yes, that’s how i feel every once in a while, particularly when my wee one is zooming here and there in wicked speeds! mind you, still on all fours. but i’ve caught her stand a few seconds on her own with a devilish grin on her chubby face.  her eyes brighten when i watch her maneuver around the furniture like a pro. the older she gets, the more i think about having another one, but that’s another post altogether!

IMG_3885 copy

“”O” is for old” gives me no choice but be young at heart just to keep up with her!


“N” is for naughty!

well. i guess if mommy condones it it isn’t completely “bad”, right? oh, i ain’t gonna lie. i was cackling. waiting for some concerned parent driving by to reprimand me. but it’s just silly string, folks. i’ll leave the spray paint alone for another project!

naught2” “N” is for naughty was a nice kind of trouble!

the letter “N” is now complete, no question about it!