i’ve been hinting at some exciting new things…well, ONE of them is happening NOW. so if you’ve tried to take a gander at the “business” aspect of my life, you might find yourself critiquing something other than photos. i don’t know exactly what is happening in the “geek” world, but i finally got to check this off my new year’s resolution list. WOOHOO!  a new look, fun effects, and all that loud jazz…

i’d say give it until may 1st or so and check it out! i’m really hoping to “HOOK” you line and sinker!!!!


someone’s going to disneyland!

i’m excited to announce that the fambam is making a trip to the magical world of fairy dust, the hakuna matata lifestyle, and flying carpets! ayna has no idea what’s in store, but i thought this shot was too cute not to share. she must’ve FELT the thrill when daddy said we were going to the Happiest Place on Earth!

no genie in a bottle here…just blessed!