from santa…

Hi ARA and AYNA,

I hope that you little ladies are in the Christmas spirit and have been nice this year. To find out, watch the video message I prepared just for you.

Click to these links:



Happy Holidays!

Santa Claus

PS : I also know that your Mom and Dad love making Christmas extra special for you!

santa's message to araIMG_3089 copy

dear santa…

IMG_1806 copy

please remember that i REALLY tried this year. sure, sleep is over-rated. and cleaning up my toys isn’t such a big deal. don’t you agree?

well, now that we have this understanding, i left you a list of some fun things i’m sure won’t be too hard to get down the chimney…

but, i heard you were a little chubby. (my dad said you were.) so i got the cookie recipe from weight watchers. (my mom has the app on her phone.)

i know you’re busy. but can you make sure i get that karaoke machine?



“E” is for entertain!

seriously, in my life, there is no end of amusement. take this afternoon…ara had her very first tea party with nana. right before our reserved seating, ara decides to go “dancing” with her friend, mr. penguin. who needs a television when you have THIS?

” “E” is for entertain” was a dramatic hit! we could watch her re-runs ALL day!

the letter “E” is now effectively done!

santa claus has a very merry video for ara!

yep, all the way from the north pole! it’s darling.

go to this link:

click on the green button that says “watch a video”

and use my information to access it.

PIN: hqy1

i say he “knows” my little girl pretty stinkin’ well. 🙂