whew 08

another extraordinary week in the anderson household. oh, snaps!

so here are some of my highlights…

i enjoyed another baby shoot and prom night…

almost ready for father’s day…can’t wait to see bobby’s face when he discovers what we’ve been up to…

my body is continually sore from new workouts…somethings IS working!

currently painting ayna’s room and redecorating the girls’ playhouse…

prepping for hawaii (because i refuse to be the lightest brown girl there, woohoo!)

resisting shopping temptations (yes, it’s actually an effort, and i’m succeeding)

having fun at church (sunday school is a delightful thing for ara, ayna loves all the snacks everyone gives her, and bobby and i are ever more encouraged to be better Christians/parents/spouses/friends/whatever God wants us to be)

just enjoying my little ladies…this summer is packed FULL of activities…(see photos above)

AND! this is all on top of all the regular duties and expectations that come with the territory. 🙂

*okay, taking a breather here*

even though i’m a tad bit exhausted…

God is good.

…and i’m ready for more!!!

reflecting on reflections…


this year really has been quite a ride! but all i have is gratitude and excitement to share. i think it’s always beneficial to regroup and relaunch periodically…

1. time management: i do feel i’m getting the hang of this stay-at-home-mama-and-sweetheart thing. it definitely can be challenging, but methodical organizing, plenty of preparation and manic multitasking have immensely helped. who knew these skills from nursing school and actual floor/clinic work would come in handy at home! 🙂

2. travel bug:  sent in for ayna’s passport! another globe-trotter among us, folks. don’t know where we’re going, but the family is itchy for foreign soil. managed to convince the man to hold off on europe. why?! i know, i know, i’m nuts, but i imagine it’d be more romantic on our 10th year anniversary. besides, ayna will be 2. (i’m so grateful we can take off like this.)

3. lovey-dovey: we have had a date night at least once every month, woohoo! that was a real accomplishment because i hate leaving the kids anywhere, but i also missed my best friend. it has been wonderful to hang out and try new adventures together, taking a break from dirty diapers and a million “why” questions. the most recent fun included a dramatic circus-like show during dinner. not sure if i’d try teatro zinzanni again, but i can definitely scratch it off the bucket-list. it was wild, lol!

4. fitness for fab-ness: still hitting the gym with my cousin. almost (i stress, ALMOST) feel like a pro with my ear-buds in, tearing up the machines, and drinking my protein shake afterwards, ha! feels good to know that sometimes “medium” is too big! looser clothes (like almost falling off) means shopping!!! (still have a bit to go, but i’m not ignoring the improvements.)

5. photography: wow! i can’t believe how crazy it’s been. good crazy. a few highlights include getting an invitation from gettys images for my work. according to everyone i’ve talked to this is “awesome” news. *blush* i laugh because i don’t know what i’m doing! seriously! but if anyone likes it, well, let’s go for it! on top of that, my business cards came in…they are sweet. it does help when your kid is the model. 🙂 and now working with a company for customized USBs. she sent me a sample, and they look simply wonderful. understated chic. just like i wanted. i’m still amazed at all the progress. definitely NOT my doing.

6. home improvements:  i purchased some more shelves for the office. so nice to have my school textbooks and the old-fashion novels situated. bought my red velvet chair i’ve been dreaming of finally. in all this revamping, i’m attempting to harness my skills in saving money (playing the coupon game, stealing deals, DIY projects). it is way more fun than i expected. it’s like hitting a home-run when you get what you want AND save $$$!

7. family time: we really do have a happy homelife. i’m a fool not to credit God for any of this. it thrills my soul to hear ara learn her memory verses and warms my heart when bobby starts our day with prayer. may we grow closer together WITH our Creator in the center of it all.

lucky? absolutely impossible…

a different view…

sometimes it is nice to get away locally. refresh. rejuvenate. re-energize.

it all helps to avoid that rut and get a new perspective on life again.

and what a great relaxing way to jump-start the next level of creativity and commitment to all those resolutions…


on that note, i’m thankful for these little victories…

-health and fitness: still working out. definitely becoming more a lifestyle. i’m seeing muscle definition. the first time i really noticed, i flexed and flexed for the man. and laughed because i was so proud. he just shook his head in disbelief when i said i’m ready for a fitness competition, ha! but it feels so grand when clothes no longer cut your circulation, lol…when you can look classy and not frumpy. 🙂

-OCD: really liking the command center i put up in the kitchen. makes sense to have an organized plan for the entire family. helps put the whole month into a visual game-plan so we don’t overbook events and mess up valuable family time.

-press coverage: excited to start sessions next month (after taking a few months “off” for the holidays)! new ideas, new locations, new faces. i admit i’m a bit nervous because i’m finally taking it more seriously.  i have enough projects for my own family to last forever, but it’ll be fun to expand and capture those sweet moments for others. wish me luck!

-speaking of photography:  i’ve got some new gear i NEED to try out. if anything, to appease the husband since i did get them for christmas. cross your fingers, i’ll figure them out soon. in the meantime, i’ve finally printed some of my own work to display in the house. makes me smile seeing my images framed.

-blogging:  i’m a bit more realistic…i’m super busy these days, and i love it, but i’m learning to SCHEDULE my posts, as well, as the other extra stuff i’m dabbling in.

-mommy stuff: ara loves it when i come up with “new adventures”. i’m not gonna lie. i’m just as thrilled…toy store, park, nature trails, stunts to try at home. i’ve got a few things up my sleeves…oh, yes, the plan is to post them!

-taking care of me, physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc:  i think most moms forget this part, and it’s so important if you want to be the best YOU. taking time in the morning for reflection, devotions, and planning out my challenges does wonders for me. if i get this portion done, i noticed i gain more 5-starred days than if i start haphazardly. i also count my blessings throughout my daily efforts. yes, i keep track of the little things that make me smile, events that warm my heart, and tasks i rock. i find myself appreciate life so much more, and the God who gave it to me.

like i said before, these are my little “stars” i managed to reach at this check-point, but maybe eventually i’ll hit the milky way. 🙂

p.s. you gotta love them smudges. thanks, ayna.

happy birthday, new year babies!

as the month of resolutions, it’s pretty difficult not to take time to reflect.

so i’ve decided to add making special days even more special to those special to me as another area i can always improve.

ha! did that make sense?? anyhow, here’s to january birthday celebrations!

12th: lani, i personally think we’re making being in our 30s LOOK extraordinarily good. amen?

13th: mallory, i should pull a prank on you after yesterday’s exhilarating news!! it was well done. congrats on the puppy, lol.

19th: dinora, my favorite canadian doll. miss your brilliant smile.

if i’m missing anyone, message me!

bridges to cross

2013 is definitely here! and like most people, i have countless of resolutions. some of which i’m rockin’ right now. of course, we’re only a week in. but small achievements lead to great victories.

i’m sharing a few now. it feels good to be somehow accountable…

1. getting fit and healthy: i’ve hit the gym with my cousin, chelsie…hoping to start a zumba class with a few of my friends and sis-in-law. i have worked-out EVERYDAY! and i’ve lost 3 pounds and 1.5 inches. woot! woot!

2. home improvements: my studio office is pretty much done! just need to dial it in more with the right window treatment and bookshelves built into the closet. i’m loving the gigantic but sleek computer i got for christmas, and the new furniture is nice AND practical.

ara finally has her reading nook! again, a few more details and accents, and she’ll have the brightest and spunkiest room within a 30 mile radius! ayna’s nursery is slowly coming along. i’ve organized her closet and am currently weeding out the junk. but the vision in my mind is looking promising.

our piano room has a new ornate zebra-print chair. i’m positive it’ll be worked into a mini-session at some point and a sweet glass accent table that needs a ridiculously dramatic piece of pottery on it.



3. blogs: if you haven’t noticed…i have posted something everyday now. woohoo! and i think i’m finally getting a hang of it. my photography site is still under construction, but i’m expecting great things, folks! i really don’t want to get busy until the new theme/effects/style are up. but until then the ideas are a-stormin’ in this little brain of mine…

okay, that’s enough for now. you would be shocked to see my list, but until next time…and hopefully i will remain consistent…we shall see!!