2018, hold my coffee.

We always start the New Year off with an adventure.  This time we attempted to see Snoqualmie Falls from the Salish Lodge but was welcomed with a blast of mist, fog, and complete whiteness instead. We had a little more luck hiking to the bottom (as you can see!).

And we always make time to play…

…and get mushy.

So if the man agrees to a sweet shot, you don’t say no.

I also tried a new type of photography style…a little more dark and moody to match the cold weather and Ara’s face, ha! And then realized how it’s getting harder and harder to get them to cooperate.  Because just like that! they were done.

I don’t know about you, but 2017 left me exhausted trying to do it all.

And sometimes you just need to go out with unkempt hair, breathe in life just to wake up the wrinkles, and hit the pause button in this crazy rat race called life.

And we are looking forward to the adventures of this New Year! ❤️

Can we say FIRST-GRADER??

I can not believe this just happened!

Kindergarten…been there, done that.


From learning new things (the odder, the better), reading like a champ, science experiments (the messier, the merrier), to endless mathematical questions (directed to me or daddy while we’re driving, NO calculators allowed)…she can’t wait to ROCK first-grade already.

And I can’t applaud her private school, Cascade Christian, enough. They have encouraged this little lady to succeed, not just for educational reasons. But when you hear her recite verses, understand Christian concepts, and then apply them into her life, my heart swells. ❤

first -grade 02

first -grade 06

(And maybe I may be more excited about all this, she still puts up with all the mammarazzi moments.

Bless her heart. )

Happy Mother’s Day!

Being a Mommy is a full-time job. 24/7. 365 days/year. No vacations. No retirement.

But it’s the most precious and beautiful “occupation” in the whole world in all eternity.

Today we honor ALL our mothers out there, especially these little ones’ grandmothers, Nanay and Nana, who have given us wonderful childhoods and taught us to love these fleeting but priceless moments!

(P.S. Chasing these kiddos around for these shots only signifies the immense energy it takes to fulfill this position!)

We LOVE you!