alder lake love.

yesterday, we enjoyed one of the prettiest lakes we’ve ever boated on: alder lake, wa.

gorgeous views of mount rainier, pristine waters (but freezing, lol!), and sensational sunshine!!!

i didn’t even care if we caught any fish.

i was just thrilled to hear the little ladies laugh and giggle, getting their feet wet. (ara swam only minutes at a time, ha!)

nana and papa enjoyed basking in the sun.

and daddy navigated our charming boat, named “leroy”.

alder lake 01

summer, we will sorely miss you…

kindergarten, are you ready for ME???

i can’t believe this is happening.

it was just yesterday she was a growing wonder in my belly.

it was just a moment ago she learned to crawl sooner than most little ones.

it was just a second ago she was convinced she was as fast as a cheetah.

and now…

she starts school.

i know i’m not ready.


i know they’re not ready. 😉