Happy Mother’s Day!

Being a Mommy is a full-time job. 24/7. 365 days/year. No vacations. No retirement.

But it’s the most precious and beautiful “occupation” in the whole world in all eternity.

Today we honor ALL our mothers out there, especially these little ones’Ā grandmothers, Nanay and Nana, who have given us wonderful childhoods and taught us to love these fleeting but priceless moments!

(P.S. Chasing these kiddos around for these shots only signifies the immense energy it takes to fulfill this position!)

We LOVE you!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Sweetheart!

Ayna Liese, you’ve managed to evadeĀ ER visits, have no taste for antibiotics, and so far sustained no broken bones. All of which are vast blessings considering who your older sister (and Dad) are. šŸ˜‰

ButĀ in just a short time, Ā you’ve already created quite a reputation…

Your favorite line: “Hey, baby.” Spoken toĀ complete strangers, making even grumpy old men blush.

Your favorite color: Purple, because EVERYTHING is purple to you.

Your favorite drink: “Juice,” to include water and milk and anything anyone is drinking, except coffee. We tried that, ha!

Your favorite car: Anything with the top down…you could be freezing and still insist on riding in a convertible.

Your favorite toy: Anything you can baby…from snuggly Teddy Bears to tough Ninja Turtles.

Your favorite hobby: Cooking with Daddy…you shake the mess out salt, pepper, and garlic salt.

And these are just a few of your funny quirks we love so much!

al 02

Here are few photos of you to mark this special day (and because your Mom is a mamarazzi).

You love balloons and call them “bubbles”.

We got one for every year (just like last time).

Ayna -1IMG_8097 copyAyna - 2 copyIMG_8072 copy

Happy Birthday, sweetheart!

We love you much higher than those balloons could ever go!