whew 08

another extraordinary week in the anderson household. oh, snaps!

so here are some of my highlights…

i enjoyed another baby shoot and prom night…

almost ready for father’s day…can’t wait to see bobby’s face when he discovers what we’ve been up to…

my body is continually sore from new workouts…somethings IS working!

currently painting ayna’s room and redecorating the girls’ playhouse…

prepping for hawaii (because i refuse to be the lightest brown girl there, woohoo!)

resisting shopping temptations (yes, it’s actually an effort, and i’m succeeding)

having fun at church (sunday school is a delightful thing for ara, ayna loves all the snacks everyone gives her, and bobby and i are ever more encouraged to be better Christians/parents/spouses/friends/whatever God wants us to be)

just enjoying my little ladies…this summer is packed FULL of activities…(see photos above)

AND! this is all on top of all the regular duties and expectations that come with the territory. 🙂

*okay, taking a breather here*

even though i’m a tad bit exhausted…

God is good.

…and i’m ready for more!!!