fun in the sun!

spring is here. finally. and we’re taking advantage of every single day…fun in the sun 04

this month’s theme: MAY the fun begin!

3 thoughts on “fun in the sun!

  1. Nichole says:

    Praise the Lord!! Just missing you and kidos!! short note to say we miss you and Love ya the children are beautiful and have grown so much in a short time!! the pictuers are so cute!!
    love always , Byrds ps praying for you always.

    • freedpress says:

      I thought I responded already. 😦
      I guess it didn’t take?
      Anyways, it’s WONDERFUL to hear from you!!! We are doing very well. Yes, the girls are growing like weeds. Will someone tell them to stop!!! Ha!
      And thanks, I am to like this photography thing. But only a little. 🙂 Keep praying! We love it AND you all!!!!

  2. freedpress says:

    well, HELLO!!!!!!
    and we miss you all. 🙂
    we are doing FANTASTIC. and yes, the kids have grown too FAST. so i’m trying really hard to capture all these special moments.
    and thank you for all the prayers. keep praying. we love it!

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