another tornado week…

whew. if i didn’t have photos, i don’t rightly know if i would remember all the details! but it has been largely productive and successful. week 1 down of my challenge, maternity/family shoot, killing my personal checklists, heehaw!

now, hopefully things will slow down a tad. ha! yeah, right! i AM, however, making extra special time to play with my sweeties as ayna lovingly demonstrates…

here’s to monday and beyond!

a whirl of a week.

this week has gone by like a hurricane! i snapped away like a maniac for the kids’ photo-books, some photography promos, and my first prom shoot. so thankful all went rather grandly.

in the midst of this, i started an 8 week challenge of stricter/healthier eating and no frivolous shopping. i’m gearing up for the family vacation to hawaii this july. IF i reach my goals, i get a shopping spree and a week of absolute indulgent eating. 😉 cheer me on and watch the countdown located on the bottom of my site, woohoo!

now to prep for this week. it’s gonna be another glorious jumble of life, love and the pursuit of happiness.

God is good.


press coverage photography update…

press coverage 04

happy friday, everyone!

here’s a little sticky note…

although my official site isn’t schedule to premiere until june 1st (i may delay due to the influx of sessions, as well as our family’s BUSY schedule), i will have a temporary site to view those headliners in the next couple days..

so excited to showcase your stories!