climbing up!

climbing up!

…at least that’s the attempt. i’m currently working on a new look for my photography website (…finally! what a great birthday present from my brother, anthony. now it’s just actually picking out the theme. choices, choices, choices.

and! stay tune! i will have my own app! yes, one you can download onto your phones. cowabunga! (the geek force runs strong in my family.)

it can all be a bit overwhelming, but we’re gonna take it one step at a time…

p.s. i cringe. and cringe again. i should have vacuumed! but i’m afraid i would have completely lost the spontaneous feel of this shot, and besides that, that chore wasn’t on my schedule that day, ha. so please pardon my less than desirable house-keeping at this time. spring cleaning starts tomorrow. just had to get those blasted taxes out of the way! 🙂

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