our quarterly family update

many of you all know the anderson clan made a trip to santa barbara. but some did NOT know we stayed at a fabulous house on a cliff, enjoyed a day at disneyland (i could stay there a week!), and spent our last night at a celebrity-favorite hotel in downtown LA. in short, we all had a blast!!! i plan on posting snippets of the adventures as this month flies, but believe it or not, i did NOT go nuts with the camera. hey! i wanted to experience the vacation, too. 🙂

but enough of that. here’s what’s going on in our lives…

bobby: he is such a great father and husband. works hard, cooks deliciously, plays like a kid, loves us ever so sweetly…who needs me? ha! he is definitely a wonderful man. i can’t complain. in fact, i better give him credit for planning the getaway. and allowing me to celebrate my birthday ALL month! he is already setting up a trip to hawaii. i thank God we are able to enjoy such things, especially with me not working. (although, i’d say staying at home is a lot of work…)

me: well, i’m 31! it’s hard to believe because i can remember high school and college days so vividly. and i laugh because bobby says i haven’t changed a bit. ha! bless his soul! my plans are to carry on…but even better! i’ve been praying that whatever role i play or task i’m expected to accomplish, i do it with even more fervency and flair. why not? (my section i’ll keep abbreviated…hence, the blog)

ara: what a little squirt! her spunk marks her immediately. and her sense of humor and wit cracks me and bobby up. she’s just growing up too fast with such fierce energy, and i’m trying desperately to keep up! tomorrow she starts gymnastics. we’ll see if her instructors can do any better!

ayna:  there is no fear that this booger will fall behind her sister’s shadow. no way. she is becoming her own. wow. sometimes that’s all i can say. she is a favorite everywhere we go. the chunk, the smile, the laugh. and she knows it. she’s a walking and “talking” love-bug. and about to celebrate her 1st birthday. *sniff*   more of that to come…

i managed to keep this one short and sweet. i realize i post pretty regularly. i’m not in the business of dulling anyone’s senses. 🙂 i hope everyone is doing grand. until next time…

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