11 months!

mama, dada, bye-bye…are a few words i can say

i’ve got new stunts that amaze folks everyday

one, two, three…i’m way past step seven

watch out, world! it’s month number 11!!!


seriously bittersweet. my baby girl is walking…well, wobbling. but she’s one determined trooper. here she is conquering the beach one step at a time. soon it’ll be a marathon. well, if we ever get passed the chubby feet so she can actually wear real shoes. 🙂

someone’s going to disneyland!

i’m excited to announce that the fambam is making a trip to the magical world of fairy dust, the hakuna matata lifestyle, and flying carpets! ayna has no idea what’s in store, but i thought this shot was too cute not to share. she must’ve FELT the thrill when daddy said we were going to the Happiest Place on Earth!

no genie in a bottle here…just blessed!

“Q” is for quarter!

it’s funny trying to teach this four-year-old money concepts. she is convinced the change in her piggy-bank should grant her a front page on forbes. well, we’re gonna take this bit of education one quarter at a time, and who knows, maybe she’ll OWN stock on that magazine. (we think BIG in this family, ha!)

“”Q” is for quarter” was priceless!

reflecting on reflections…


this year really has been quite a ride! but all i have is gratitude and excitement to share. i think it’s always beneficial to regroup and relaunch periodically…

1. time management: i do feel i’m getting the hang of this stay-at-home-mama-and-sweetheart thing. it definitely can be challenging, but methodical organizing, plenty of preparation and manic multitasking have immensely helped. who knew these skills from nursing school and actual floor/clinic work would come in handy at home! 🙂

2. travel bug:  sent in for ayna’s passport! another globe-trotter among us, folks. don’t know where we’re going, but the family is itchy for foreign soil. managed to convince the man to hold off on europe. why?! i know, i know, i’m nuts, but i imagine it’d be more romantic on our 10th year anniversary. besides, ayna will be 2. (i’m so grateful we can take off like this.)

3. lovey-dovey: we have had a date night at least once every month, woohoo! that was a real accomplishment because i hate leaving the kids anywhere, but i also missed my best friend. it has been wonderful to hang out and try new adventures together, taking a break from dirty diapers and a million “why” questions. the most recent fun included a dramatic circus-like show during dinner. not sure if i’d try teatro zinzanni again, but i can definitely scratch it off the bucket-list. it was wild, lol!

4. fitness for fab-ness: still hitting the gym with my cousin. almost (i stress, ALMOST) feel like a pro with my ear-buds in, tearing up the machines, and drinking my protein shake afterwards, ha! feels good to know that sometimes “medium” is too big! looser clothes (like almost falling off) means shopping!!! (still have a bit to go, but i’m not ignoring the improvements.)

5. photography: wow! i can’t believe how crazy it’s been. good crazy. a few highlights include getting an invitation from gettys images for my work. according to everyone i’ve talked to this is “awesome” news. *blush* i laugh because i don’t know what i’m doing! seriously! but if anyone likes it, well, let’s go for it! on top of that, my business cards came in…they are sweet. it does help when your kid is the model. 🙂 and now working with a company for customized USBs. she sent me a sample, and they look simply wonderful. understated chic. just like i wanted. i’m still amazed at all the progress. definitely NOT my doing.

6. home improvements:  i purchased some more shelves for the office. so nice to have my school textbooks and the old-fashion novels situated. bought my red velvet chair i’ve been dreaming of finally. in all this revamping, i’m attempting to harness my skills in saving money (playing the coupon game, stealing deals, DIY projects). it is way more fun than i expected. it’s like hitting a home-run when you get what you want AND save $$$!

7. family time: we really do have a happy homelife. i’m a fool not to credit God for any of this. it thrills my soul to hear ara learn her memory verses and warms my heart when bobby starts our day with prayer. may we grow closer together WITH our Creator in the center of it all.

lucky? absolutely impossible…