a different view…

sometimes it is nice to get away locally. refresh. rejuvenate. re-energize.

it all helps to avoid that rut and get a new perspective on life again.

and what a great relaxing way to jump-start the next level of creativity and commitment to all those resolutions…


on that note, i’m thankful for these little victories…

-health and fitness: still working out. definitely becoming more a lifestyle. i’m seeing muscle definition. the first time i really noticed, i flexed and flexed for the man. and laughed because i was so proud. he just shook his head in disbelief when i said i’m ready for a fitness competition, ha! but it feels so grand when clothes no longer cut your circulation, lol…when you can look classy and not frumpy. 🙂

-OCD: really liking the command center i put up in the kitchen. makes sense to have an organized plan for the entire family. helps put the whole month into a visual game-plan so we don’t overbook events and mess up valuable family time.

-press coverage: excited to start sessions next month (after taking a few months “off” for the holidays)! new ideas, new locations, new faces. i admit i’m a bit nervous because i’m finally taking it more seriously.  i have enough projects for my own family to last forever, but it’ll be fun to expand and capture those sweet moments for others. wish me luck!

-speaking of photography:  i’ve got some new gear i NEED to try out. if anything, to appease the husband since i did get them for christmas. cross your fingers, i’ll figure them out soon. in the meantime, i’ve finally printed some of my own work to display in the house. makes me smile seeing my images framed.

-blogging:  i’m a bit more realistic…i’m super busy these days, and i love it, but i’m learning to SCHEDULE my posts, as well, as the other extra stuff i’m dabbling in.

-mommy stuff: ara loves it when i come up with “new adventures”. i’m not gonna lie. i’m just as thrilled…toy store, park, nature trails, stunts to try at home. i’ve got a few things up my sleeves…oh, yes, the plan is to post them!

-taking care of me, physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc:  i think most moms forget this part, and it’s so important if you want to be the best YOU. taking time in the morning for reflection, devotions, and planning out my challenges does wonders for me. if i get this portion done, i noticed i gain more 5-starred days than if i start haphazardly. i also count my blessings throughout my daily efforts. yes, i keep track of the little things that make me smile, events that warm my heart, and tasks i rock. i find myself appreciate life so much more, and the God who gave it to me.

like i said before, these are my little “stars” i managed to reach at this check-point, but maybe eventually i’ll hit the milky way. 🙂

p.s. you gotta love them smudges. thanks, ayna.

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