the month of love…

along with my letterbook projects, i figure a month with a theme will give me some practice and more activities for the little ladies…


besides every girl waits for her prince charming. no matter what form he takes, right?

3 thoughts on “the month of love…

  1. Prinze Charming says:

    Sorry I took too long, love. This is extremely adorable! Could you … hug me too? A simplistic embrace with a grin on your face. Your eyes shut tight because you know you’ll be safe tonight. Thanks for sharing!

    • freedpress says:

      I must admit your comment took me by surprise. Then I realized that I had posted something about everyone waiting for their “Prince Charming” …and voila! Wasn’t expecting a blogger to respond so “accurately” in character! LOL! have a good day!

      • Prinze Charming says:

        Haha! Ah, t’as raison! Voila! C’est moi, ma cherie! Please keep that smile high. Isn’t it such an amazing warm feeling inside? Thanks for sharing! Have a great day! 😉

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