reaching goals…so sweet!

woohoo! several little achievements attained, and i’m excited to try even harder this coming month. here’s a few i’m proud of…

– another 3/4 inch off (ara’s here reminding me of the scrumptious items that can hinder my progress…thanks??)

– learning more techniques to make my photography fun and unique.

– home projects: hoping to post pics of ara’s room! it’s a trip.  just like her. 🙂

– relaxing. seriously. i’ve enjoyed candles, bubbles, and lovely soothing music at least twice this month. THAT is a big deal. i’m way nicer now. ha!

– organization/decorating/cleaning: this stuff excites me. it feels good to know where things are. to know that i won’t be embarrassed if unexpected folks stop by. and thrills the mess out of me when a room is NICELY done. (thanks, pinterest!) but of course, there’s always room for improvement. always.

– cherishing my family, my husband, my life, and my God.


“N” is for no!

nooooooooooooooooo! is exactly what i wanted to yell. i just had my studio office all set up, looking almost spectacular except for a few more details. well, until ayna decided that she wanted to work up a few letters to mail. took out my address labels, quite a few paperclips, etc…leaving the place a disaster. that’s what i get for underestimating a few moments. oh, well. turned it into a mini session. ha!