bridges to cross

2013 is definitely here! and like most people, i have countless of resolutions. some of which i’m rockin’ right now. of course, we’re only a week in. but small achievements lead to great victories.

i’m sharing a few now. it feels good to be somehow accountable…

1. getting fit and healthy: i’ve hit the gym with my cousin, chelsie…hoping to start a zumba class with a few of my friends and sis-in-law. i have worked-out EVERYDAY! and i’ve lost 3 pounds and 1.5 inches. woot! woot!

2. home improvements: my studio office is pretty much done! just need to dial it in more with the right window treatment and bookshelves built into the closet. i’m loving the gigantic but sleek computer i got for christmas, and the new furniture is nice AND practical.

ara finally has her reading nook! again, a few more details and accents, and she’ll have the brightest and spunkiest room within a 30 mile radius! ayna’s nursery is slowly coming along. i’ve organized her closet and am currently weeding out the junk. but the vision in my mind is looking promising.

our piano room has a new ornate zebra-print chair. i’m positive it’ll be worked into a mini-session at some point and a sweet glass accent table that needs a ridiculously dramatic piece of pottery on it.



3. blogs: if you haven’t noticed…i have posted something everyday now. woohoo! and i think i’m finally getting a hang of it. my photography site is still under construction, but i’m expecting great things, folks! i really don’t want to get busy until the new theme/effects/style are up. but until then the ideas are a-stormin’ in this little brain of mine…

okay, that’s enough for now. you would be shocked to see my list, but until next time…and hopefully i will remain consistent…we shall see!!