“M” is for mocha (kid-version)!

okay, okay, i’m cheating. i know i already did these shots for the letter “H” (HOT chocolate), but i forgot and already published that specific volume. i don’t know how, but i did. agh!

but no worries. (another one of my resolutions *wink*)

determined to figure out a way to squeeze this session into the letterbook because there’s nothing like a warm mug of cocoa (or in this case, “mocha”) on a crispy afternoon! i came up with this. go ahead, laugh at my silliness. but these ARE making the cut. woot!

“”M” is for mocha (kid-version)” was an afternoon that warmed mommy’s heart!

6 thoughts on ““M” is for mocha (kid-version)!

    • freedpress says:

      love this place. but i better start scoping for more areas…i think they are gonna tear it down. so we’ll be shooting here quite a bit until that happens…
      the coat…used to be ara’s. 🙂

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