reaching goals…so sweet!

woohoo! several little achievements attained, and i’m excited to try even harder this coming month. here’s a few i’m proud of…

– another 3/4 inch off (ara’s here reminding me of the scrumptious items that can hinder my progress…thanks??)

– learning more techniques to make my photography fun and unique.

– home projects: hoping to post pics of ara’s room! it’s a trip.  just like her. 🙂

– relaxing. seriously. i’ve enjoyed candles, bubbles, and lovely soothing music at least twice this month. THAT is a big deal. i’m way nicer now. ha!

– organization/decorating/cleaning: this stuff excites me. it feels good to know where things are. to know that i won’t be embarrassed if unexpected folks stop by. and thrills the mess out of me when a room is NICELY done. (thanks, pinterest!) but of course, there’s always room for improvement. always.

– cherishing my family, my husband, my life, and my God.


“N” is for no!

nooooooooooooooooo! is exactly what i wanted to yell. i just had my studio office all set up, looking almost spectacular except for a few more details. well, until ayna decided that she wanted to work up a few letters to mail. took out my address labels, quite a few paperclips, etc…leaving the place a disaster. that’s what i get for underestimating a few moments. oh, well. turned it into a mini session. ha!

experiencing technical difficulties…

agh. how frustrating. i haven’t been able to blog like planned….blasted internet connection/server/yada yada. but i managed to get online just now and post this. hopefully, the techy fairy will be good to me soon so i can share some our “hoots and hollers”. of course, that’s if ara doesn’t figure out the problem first!

AND! thank you everyone who has shown LOVE for our adventures. the messages/emails/responses lately have been overwhelmingly sweet and encouraging.

*sigh* i’m a sucker for a love story!

this post is dedicated to auntie andrea and uncle josh who are celebrating their anniversary tomorrow.  i believe it has been 5 year, folks! just wanted to let them both know we love and cherish them so much.

ara was only too glad to do these shots for you guys. may your day be as blissful, playful and “flying high on love” as she makes these look!


❤ we love you! ❤

happy birthday, new year babies!

as the month of resolutions, it’s pretty difficult not to take time to reflect.

so i’ve decided to add making special days even more special to those special to me as another area i can always improve.

ha! did that make sense?? anyhow, here’s to january birthday celebrations!

12th: lani, i personally think we’re making being in our 30s LOOK extraordinarily good. amen?

13th: mallory, i should pull a prank on you after yesterday’s exhilarating news!! it was well done. congrats on the puppy, lol.

19th: dinora, my favorite canadian doll. miss your brilliant smile.

if i’m missing anyone, message me!