“I” is for imagine!

ara got jealous seeing ayna getting the spotlight the last couple shoots. she insisted she would be the star for this one. however yucky she felt, she pressed through. what a funny girl!

anyhow, she has grown to LOVE books. sometimes i catch her and her “friends” enjoying new literature. i love how freely she make-believes. along with her room-mates, mr. penguin and mr. bear, perry the platypus, rex, and thomas frequently come over for lunch. and somehow they manage to stay long enough for snacks! you better believe i make them places at the table! here they are just having a grand ole time.

“”I” is for imagine” was a wonder-world of fun with “real” friends!

the letter “I” is now finished, even improved!

4 thoughts on ““I” is for imagine!

  1. elindaanderson says:

    So glad God created imagination. What we find, He put there for us to discover. It is our choice to use it or not. I am glad you are opening doors for Ara and Ayna so they can use the creative abilities and the intellect that He gave them. They are also having so much fun exploring. What they find is always beautiful because it was ,uniquely and expressly made just for them by their Creator . You are doing a lovely job Priscilla. Love, Nana

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