“catching” the spirit of christmas!

trust me when i say i know how it is to get lost in the hustle and bustle of the season. sure, i’ve had semi-murderous thoughts about the lady in front of me who decides the cashier is wrong. the aqua-net hairspray IS on sale. what is this? false advertisement?! good golly, you know, that one who insists on shopping with her poodle in the cart. service animal, my foot! or how about that one strange fellow who thinks everyone in his family needs matching adult-sized sleepers. oh, gross. and if it’s not the characters, it’s me justifying the lace-up boots i’ve been lusting after for the past six months. they are absolutely necessary. so what if i already have six of the same kind. i DON’T have burnt orange. seriously.

so…i decided to remind myself…sometimes the spirit of christmas gets forgotten in all this craziness. ara! help me find it again!

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