“I” is for imagine!

ara got jealous seeing ayna getting the spotlight the last couple shoots. she insisted she would be the star for this one. however yucky she felt, she pressed through. what a funny girl!

anyhow, she has grown to LOVE books. sometimes i catch her and her “friends” enjoying new literature. i love how freely she make-believes. along with her room-mates, mr. penguin and mr. bear, perry the platypus, rex, and thomas frequently come over for lunch. and somehow they manage to stay long enough for snacks! you better believe i make them places at the table! here they are just having a grand ole time.

“”I” is for imagine” was a wonder-world of fun with “real” friends!

the letter “I” is now finished, even improved!

dear santa…

IMG_1806 copy

please remember that i REALLY tried this year. sure, sleep is over-rated. and cleaning up my toys isn’t such a big deal. don’t you agree?

well, now that we have this understanding, i left you a list of some fun things i’m sure won’t be too hard to get down the chimney…

but, i heard you were a little chubby. (my dad said you were.) so i got the cookie recipe from weight watchers. (my mom has the app on her phone.)

i know you’re busy. but can you make sure i get that karaoke machine?



“catching” the spirit of christmas!

trust me when i say i know how it is to get lost in the hustle and bustle of the season. sure, i’ve had semi-murderous thoughts about the lady in front of me who decides the cashier is wrong. the aqua-net hairspray IS on sale. what is this? false advertisement?! good golly, you know, that one who insists on shopping with her poodle in the cart. service animal, my foot! or how about that one strange fellow who thinks everyone in his family needs matching adult-sized sleepers. oh, gross. and if it’s not the characters, it’s me justifying the lace-up boots i’ve been lusting after for the past six months. they are absolutely necessary. so what if i already have six of the same kind. i DON’T have burnt orange. seriously.

so…i decided to remind myself…sometimes the spirit of christmas gets forgotten in all this craziness. ara! help me find it again!