“F” is for funny!

there is no way these silly gooses (geese?) can say their dad and i never gave them ample time for laughter. if they grow up to be dry, boring, and mundane citizens, i will be completely shocked. we’re a family unafraid to throw our heads back, cackle, and enjoy being utterly ridiculous.

“”F” is for funny” hit us all right to the bone!

“F” is for friend!

promise i didn’t plan this, but i could NOT pass up this precious opportunity.

while hushing ayna who was coo-ing like crazy, i snapped away with what little time i had left

before the princess would make her rather loud announcement that she was awake.

 the world THEN could move on.

this little “friend” was mine long before he met ara.

” “F” is for friend” remains a faithful companion.

the letter “F” is now fabulously complete, fantastic!