“C” is for camera!

i headed to my archives and used a few shots i have and have not displayed. these are particularly some of my favorites. no doubt, ara has seen plenty of the camera in her life. so much that it often requires bribery, in a form of something sweet, to get her to react. i laugh because i can’t fault her.

“”C” is for camera” was a shot well-taken, I’d say! 🙂

“B” is for books!

the last days of summer is fast approaching, and i’m trying to seize its final rays of cheerful sunshine and lazy warmth. what better way than hanging up the mosquito net, throwing down a blanket and relaxing with a pile of books?

sweet breeze blowing our way, birds tweeting their songs, and the crunch of ripe apples…
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“B” is for bus!

i can’t believe ara will be school-age so very soon. just recently, bobby and i agreed to go ahead and start home-schooling her this coming january. (although she will only be four, i don’t want to waste this precious chance. she’s a walking sponge! soaking up every bit of knowledge she can, impressing me daily.)  after a year, we’ll have a better grasp on whether to keep her on that course or choose private school instead. either way, i’m excited (and a bit sad) to see this little squirt grow-up.makes me smile looking at these shots —she shares her love for dots with her dad. Continue reading

“C” is for candy!

we found this spunky little candy shop only to discover the owner closed early due to illness. but no worries! the outside was just as, if not more, daringly playful than what we could inspect through the colorful window!

grant it, i was not able to get fun shots of ayna like i had envisioned. she decided to have the biggest “blow-out” right before we arrived. (i’ll spare you all the details.)  i wish i could show just how outrageously adorable she looked. next time!

and yes, i’m going to be out of order. i’ll eventually put them all together in one book and make the link accessible on here. whenever that all happens!

“”C” is for candy” was as sweet as could be!