officially official?

i finally did it. i have managed to create a blog that i intend to keep and hopefully update (after multiple attempts in the past year or so). no more mass texts or emails. all our family fun will be recorded right here! woohoo, yahoo, hora-horay, and all of that swell stuff. don’t worry, i’m still into the personalized communication. hey! even snail-mail. right now  i’m learning how to use old scrapbook paper to make darling envelopes! bless that pinterest. AND photobooks! those won’t stop = i’ll be posting a link to those here as well. 🙂

anyhow, i am excited about all this. as some of you  folks know, there isn’t ever a dull moment in the anderson household. for the most part, our lives are fun, humorous, spontaneous and lively. either it’s my dramatic 3 year old, ara reese. my hungry hippo newborn, ayna liese, or my uproar of a husband, bobby. no boring minute, no dead air, no dry event.

so as i attempt to “report” our grand adventures, please be patient! i’m pretty green at this. i wish i could get this bad boy looking awesome. hopefully, with time, trial and error, and some creativity, i’ll get it to rock! but as ayna can soon testify, you can’t run a marathon without first learning how to crawl. submitting to reality,  i’m starting with baby toes…in this case, hers. *wink*


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